Progress on the mural

A little more progress on the Mural.  I have 3 wonderful students interning with me to help with production and photo shoots, Ed Garrity, Jackie Boswick, and Sara Race.  All make an appearance in the video.


Beginning of Mural commission

I've been commissioned by my university to create a 6'x18' mural in the next year.  This is the building of one of the supports.  Special help from Ed Garrity, who is interning, and Bessie the cat, who oversees production.

Sketchbook Drawings up at Willamette University

The Hand that Finds, The Hand that Feeds, The Hand that Fails is a current installation of my sketchbook drawings up for the semester at the Roger W. Rogers Gallery at Willamette University, in Oregon. Andries Fourie, the curator,  has written a solid essay that contemplates the role of drawing and speaks to the exhibition.

In the Studio

This is an easel shot of my latest painting.  Light is the Lion That Comes Down To Drink, 48"x67", oil, 2012.

Off to Europe

I will be In Rome, Berlin, Strassbourg, Colmar, Basel, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp over the next few weeks.  

Time Lapse for War Bells Logo

Most of my paintings have the titles and signature painted on the back of the support that the canvas is stretched over.  Here is a time lapse of the making of the logo for War Bells.

Studio Visit

Nathan Lewis from Gorky's Granddaughter on Vimeo.

Gorky's Grandaughter is a site run by painters Chris Joy and Zach Keeting.  Each video is a studio visit to an artists space and the conversation that ensues.  In my segment, you can see some current and in process work and one of the spaces that inspired the work.

Figure Drawing Event at SHU

Untitled from Nathan Lewis on Vimeo.

We held a figure drawing event at SHU in conjunction with the Aldrich Museum's DRAW ON!, a 2 week celebration of drawing in the community.