New Installation

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Here is a time lapse of a new installation titled "crossroads" done for my show at the Windsor Art Center, which opens September 25th.  The sculpture was inspired by a painting done a couple of years ago titled "Invisible Cities".  In the painting is a signpost with forgotten lands from literature, myths and fables.  The installation continues and multiplies this train of thought.  The painting, seen below, was loaned for the show, so there should be an interesting dialog between the painting and sculpture.  

One of the signs in "crossroads" is labeled "Procopia" which is a chapter in Calvino's Novel about a land that Marco Polo visits each year.  He stays in the same room of an inn and stares out the window.  The first year, he see no people in the landscape. The following year he sees a few people in the far distance.  Each year he returns he sees more and more people through the window until one year, the people are so numerous that they occupy the space in the room on Marco's side of the window.   I decided to put that sign as the first sign on the installation, seeing it as a metaphor for the whole piece.   What was only imagined through a window (the  two dimensional painting)  has expanded into the real (three dimensional space).  

There will be 10 works of mine in the show, including 2 new unseen paintings and a recent drawing.  I have done time lapses of the paintings as well, so look for them to come soon.

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